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This site is maintained by Gunnar Jurdzik. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me at:
Email admin-at-gunnars.net

You can email me in the following Languages: English, German (Deutsch) and Swedish (Svenska).

Please make sure to include a proper subject, preferably with a reference to 'Mozilla'. Due to Spam, I will immediately delete messages with no or ambiguous subject lines. Sorry!

Before contacting me: Due to my job, I unfortunately no longer have the time to answer individual questions and help Mozilla users troubleshoot problems. Sorry !
Fortunately, there are many ways to find a solution for your problem(s)(please see below):

So, please don't think I am being rude if I do not answer your email. Thanks for your understanding!

- Have you looked through the Tutorials, How-Tos FAQs and the Troubleshooting Guide? I realize that it is a lot to look through, so why not search my site:

Web mozilla.gunnars.net
- Have you tried Mozillazine's support forums?
- Chances are, someone else has already had the same problem. Using Google (please use the above search box to either search the web or my site with Google), you can search for possible fixes/solutions - this is how I often find solutions for problems. Additionally, you can also search Mozillazine's forums.
- Are you looking for a special feature? Maybe one of the many extensions that you can find at Mozdev.org will add the feature you are looking for. Additionally, an overview of interesting extensions and bookmarklets (that add functionality) can be found in my Add-ons and Extensions FAQ.

If you want to make suggestions about Mozilla (new features, how it could be improved,...) the best place that I know of are the forums at Mozillazine. Alternatively, you can file a feature request (RFE) bug at Bugzilla.

Note 1: You will of course need to remove the "-at-" part of the email address and replace it with the proper "@" sign. Sorry if this makes emailing me less comfortable, but I had to take this step in order to protect this email address from spam. Thanks!

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