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Site news:
March 6th: Traffic for this site has remained stable at between 7,5 - 8 GB / month. The overall number of visitors is slightly down. This may in part be due to Mozilla's support pages listing this site under "Mozilla Suite Support". While it is an honor to be one of the three official support sites listed, The Mozilla Help Site also offers help for Firefox and Thunderbird, i.e. I am increasingly adding content for these two programs due to their increased popularity.
Sales of 98Lite and 2000/XP Lite have decreased noticeably. Where this site referred at least a sale per day (often much more) during the best times, one or two sales a week is now the norm, which is why I will begin to remove banners from some of the pages to free up screen space for Mozilla Help-related content.
In any case, the banner did earn the Mozilla foundation over $2,300, which helped improve your favorite software, so they were a success. Then again, most good things do come to an end at some point.

January 5th, 2005: The Mozilla Help Site has earned US $246.00 since the last donation. LitePC.com rounded that up to AUD$350 (Australian Dollars). This amount has been donated to the Australian Red Cross Tsunami Appeal in order to help the vicitms of this terrifying disaster (You can find the receipt here). If you have not yet donated for disaster relief, please do so - there are things that are far more important that helping your favorite browser.
I wish everyone all the best for 2005!

December 14th, 2004: Traffic for the last month was 7,5 GB. The good news is that sales for 98Lite and 2000/XP Lite were up, so I was able to donate $1,273.27 to the Mozilla Foundation. The total has reached 2,300.25! Thanks again to everyone who purchased 98Lite or 2000/XP Lite throught the Mozilla Help Site!

November 22nd: Here's a quick rundown of the logfile analysis:
- this site gets on average 2000 unique visitors a day
- the top 5 country list where my visitors live is:
1.) USA
2.) Germany
3.) UK
4.) Canada
5.) Netherlands
This country list may not be 100% accurate since some non-US providers use .net and .com addresses, as well.
The best part is that this site gets visitors from all over the world - las week they surfed here from 77 different countries if I counted correctly.

November 9th:     Firefox 1.0 has been released !   Go here to get it !

October 29th: Just a quick update on the LitePC.com donations: Sales through this site are brisk, so we were able to donate $300 to the NY Times Mozilla Firefox 1.0 ad campaign. We actually earned even more than that since the last donation, but the rest will once again be donated directly to the Mozilla Foundation once a nice round sum has been earned.
Actually, this means that donations through this site passed the $1,000 mark ! Thanks again!

October 15th: The latest donation from Litepc.com for sales referred through this site is in: $416.23 were donated to the Mozilla Foundation. Donations to date now total $726.98. Thanks again to everyone who purchased 98 or 2000/XP Lite through this site.

October 13th: This last month was a very good month - both for the site and me personally. Let's start with the site:
- Traffic was at an all time high at 12,5 GB. I started analyzing logfiles and I will post a short summary soon.
- The referral sales have been going very well. The next donation will be higher than the previous ones combined. I'll give more details as soon as Shane has made the donation.
- 1800+ emails have been answered so far. This will have to change in the future, however (see next point).
- Now on to the personal news: I finally found a job again, and it's a good one :-) . While this is good news for me, it's both good (I can continue to pay for the site) and bad (I will have a lot less time to answer support email) news for the site. I will continue to update the FAQs as time permits, but I will no longer be able to devote as much time to helping my fellow Mozilla users troubleshoot their problems, as I did before. I am very sorry about this, but I am glad that I could help as many people as I did, making the best of my unpleasant stint with unemployment.

September 11th: Shane from LitePC.com has made another donation for $271.05 to the Mozilla Foundation. This was for referral sales of 98 and 2000/XP Lite that were generated through my site. This means that a little over $300 dollars have been donated to the Mozilla foundation since I began placing the banners on this site. Again, thanks to everyone who has purchase this great little program.
Traffic for this month will be a healthy 8 GB.

August 7th: Vacation notice. I will be on vacation until August 23rd. During that time, I won't be able to answer any email messages.

July 16th: A couple of updates: It seems like Mozilla really profited from the recent IE security vulnerabilites and recommendations to use a different browser. Site traffic increased to 6 GB for the last month, which is very nice.
Now on to the LitePC donation news: The total in referral sales is now up to $750.59, which means a grand total of $187 in donations for the Mozilla foundation that have been earned. The next actual donation will be made once $200 to donate have been accumulated. Thanks again to everyone who purchased 98 or 2000/XP Lite through this site.

June 20th: The Using Mozilla FAQ now contains 100 questions and answers. If you are having a problem with Mozilla or wondering how certain features work, chances are you will find an answer.

May 26th: Last month's traffic was 3,6 GB. In addition, 9 copies of 98/2000/Xp Lite have been sold, so the referral income now stands at $75 if I did not make a mistake in the calculation.

May 7th: Here's an update on the Litepc.com affiliate program donations to the Mozilla Foundation. So far, 5 copies of 98 or 2000/XP Lite have been purchased by people referred from this site. This makes for a total of $45 in referral fees. Currently, $39.70 have been donated to the Mozilla Foundation, the rest will follow once more money has been accumulated. I'd like to point out that none of this money passes through my hands - the nice people at LitePC.com donate the money directly to the Mozilla foundation.
Thanks to everyone who has purchased 98 or 2000/XP Lite !

March 12th: Today marks two milestones: I am turning 30 and I just received the 1000th email for this site.

March 1st: Whohoo! This site has referred the first customer to LitePC.com. This means $10 earned for Mozilla.org (counting started today). Thanks! I'll keep you all posted on the progress.

February 26th: The problem with the LitePC.com referrer Links has been solved. They are working fine now, so if you want to remove Internet Explorer and other Windows components and you like the software, order away :-). Please remember to allow cookies so that 30% of the purchase price can be donated to Mozilla.org by LitePC.com.
I have added a few new entries to the "Using Mozilla FAQ". If you accidentally deleted mail or cannot start Mozilla/Netscape 7, there may be some helpful answers for you.

February 26th: There is a new addition to the Chrysler C-body section: I have scanned color charts for 1966 Chrysler cars from the "1966 Chrysler Exterior Colors an Interior Trims" book. You can find them here. I plan on scanning the entire book,so there is more to come.

February 14th: Traffic was over 4 GB last month. This is at least in part due to the release of Mozilla 1.6. I expect the numbers to go down quite a bit this month due to the less favorable linking of Mozilla/Firefox help site on Mozilla's support page. They were previously linked directly on this page but now Mozilla users have to click on an additional link on this page called "User sites which IMHO doesn't make this clear that you'll find many full-fledged help sites under this link.
In addition, I have set up a reseller account for Litpec.com. They make software that allows you to remove (and just as easily reinstall) Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and many other Windows components. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the link (they don't work right now) but hopefully, someone from LitePC.com will get back to me soon.
In case you are wondering: I am not doing this to make money for myself. Rather, 30 % of any sale referred from this site is donated directly to Mozilla.org. This is a non-commercial site and I intend to keep it that way. If you find the software to be interesting (I have been using it since the Windows 98 times and have been very happy), please wait until the link-problem has been solved. Thanks!

January 21st, 2004: I have been slacking somewhat lately, but I am beginning to work on the site again. So far, I have updated the troubleshooting guide and added two questions/answers to the Using Mozilla FAQ.
Other than that, this site passed the 3 GB barrier last month. Mark Nelson from Mac OS X Hosting offered to host my site for free, which I very much appreciate. Since my monthly transfer limit is 50GB, however, there is no danger of this site going dow anytime soon, so I can stay where I am. But if you need to host your site, you may want to support those who offer their support to the Mozilla community and have a look at what Mac OS X Hosting has to offer.

While we're at the "support" topic: If anyone out there want to translate the tutorials and FAQ into another language, please send me an email. Thanks!

December 12th: gunnars.net has now broken the 2 GB barrier, which is nice if you consider that the largest page (the "Using Mozilla" FAQ) has a size of 117 KB (kilobytes).

December 3rd: My site has broken the 1 GB (Gigabyte) transfer "barrier" for the second time in a row. This is considerably more than before Mozilla.org's redesign. It's nice to see that so many of you are taking interest in getting more out of Mozilla. As for bandwidth - it's not even near the limit, so no reason to worry.

October 15th: The Mozilla help start page has been slightly changed. Before, it was optimized for a screen resoltuion (width) of 640 pixels. In order to gain additional space, it is now optimzed for a width of 800 pixels. A module with links to tutorials has been added thanks to this.

October 7th: Looking at the site news section, you may be lead to believe that nothing has been done to this site since July 15th. While I have neglected updating this section, I have continuously updated the FAQs. More additions/changes:
- I have finally added text and some images of my 1966 New Yorker to the C-body section of this site.
- I have begun making this site more text browser friendly, thus improving accessibility, especially for visually impaired visitors. Images should now have alt text that explains them, links title text that explains what the links are for and tables summary text, summarizing each table's contents.

July 15th: A new tutorial has been added: How to configure Mozilla's and Netscape 7.1's privacy and security features. It shows how to configure Mozilla's privacy and security features and it explains what they do.

June 26th: All HOW-TOs have been updated to cover Mozilla 1.4. They were previously rather outdated.

June 18th: The "Configure Mozilla's 'Navigator' options" HOW-TO has been updated to Mozilla 1.4.

June 12th: The "Configure Mozilla's appearance" HOW-TO has been updated to Mozilla 1.4. This means new screenshot and in many cases new descriptions since Mozilla's Preferences menu has changed quite a bit since 0.9.6.
A new HOW-TO has been added: Set up a mail account. While it does not cover the mail options (a separate tutorial will be offered later on) it shows how to set up a mail account in Mozilla Mail.

June 11th: I have begun to update the screenshots used in the HOW-TOs. The old ones still showed Mozilla 0.9.8, the new ones show 1.4RC1. The "Installing Mozilla" HOW-TO is complete, the rest (where changes to the text are necessary, as well) will follow.

May 27th: The "Using Mozilla FAQ" has seen some changes: In order to make it more user friendly, I have divided the questions into categories like "browser" and "profile-related questions". This should make it easier to find what you are looking for.

May 24th: The "Using Mozilla FAQ" now contains 50 questions and their answers :-)

May 22nd: German PC site "Hard Tecs 4U" has a great review of Mozilla's Spam filter. Since it's in German, I have written a summary (in English) for you. To find out how they like it, plus information on how it works read:
Gunnars.Net summary of Hard Tecs 4U's Mozilla Spam filter review

April 9th: Not much has happened with the site. I still regularly update the FAQs, in particular the "Using Mozilla" and "Add-ons" FAQ, as well as answer questions.
I still plan on adding a few "How-To" tutorials before I start to improve the site's design, but I had to put that on the back burner due to my general workload.

December 10th: I haven't really done much with this site except for answering emails, cleaning up the code and adding new entries to the FAQs. You can e.g. find a few new entries for interesting add-ons like Yahoo Companion for Mozilla and Adblock in the Add-Ons FAQ.
A small detail improvement I am beginning to add to the FAQs when I update them is an entry for "last updated on". Future plans for this site include a table-less layout thanks to CSS, but that will have to wait until after Christmas.

October 17th: This site now partially supports the Link Prefetching feature. This means that if you are using Mozilla 1.2 beta, mozilla.gunnars.net is being preloaded into the browser's cache while you are reading this. If you click on the Mozilla link, the page does not need to be fetched from the server since it is already in the browser cache. This should make some pages (only select pages are being preloaded) on this site appear a lot quicker than before.

September 30th: I'm back from vacation, which means this site will be updated again in the coming days.

August 20th: It seems like this site is the first on the list you get when doing a search for "Mozilla Help" on Google. Nice :-)

August 16th: The entire Mozilla section now features the cleaner design. Also, a few pages have been updated: Links to the Netscape unofficial FAQ and Mozilla Bookmarks, a site that features an incredible amount of Mozilla-related links, have been added to the links page, and a few interesting Mozilla add-ons have been added to the Mozilla Add-ons FAQ.

August 6th: The site's design is continuously being cleaned up. The unofficial Mozilla help startpage, and the Using Mozilla FAQ have the "new and improved" design. It should make these pages - and especially the FAQs - a lot easier to navigate and more pleasant to look at.

August 2nd: A new page - Links - has been added.

July 25th: I am in the process of changing the FAQ pages' layout to improve their ease of use. The first FAQ with the new layout is "Add-ons".

July 23rd: A new FAQ section - Add-ons - has been added. This FAQ contains links to interesting Add-ons and plugins for Mozilla. Check it out if you want to make Mozilla even better.

July 4th: Happy 4th of July! I wish everyone a safe, fun and peaceful holiday.

I have not had the time to add any new how-tos to the site. I am, however, updating the Using Mozilla FAQ on a daily basis (well, almost). If you have a problem using Mozilla, this is where you might find the solution.

June 12th: A new FAQ section - Using Mozilla - has been added.

June 7th: My site has been added to the Mozilla 1.0 Start Page

June 3rd: A How-To for configuring Mozilla's advanced options has been added to the Mozilla section. The Mozilla section is now getting closer to completion

May 1st: This site has been changed from frames to no frames.
The Mozilla section is still incomplete but it is continuously being updated.

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